How do I access the Virtalis Download Portal?

Firstly you will recieve an email from Virtalis Support, the email will have both your email address and a unique invite code in the body of the text, the email should look like the following.

To continue the process click on the blue button that says 'Click here to get started', this will take you to a web page that will feature the box in the image below. Please note that this will not work for Internet Explorer, however Edge, Chrome and Firefox will all work. 

You will now need to create a new account, to do so click on the Sign Up Now option located below the Sign In button. Following this you will be presented with the following box to fill in. 

The first thing you will need to do here is enter your email address and click the button to send the Verification Code, this should arrive promptly and after clicking the button you will be give a box to enter the code into as well as a button to verify. 

After successfully verifying your code you can now set your desired password and display name, the Create button will remain greyed out until the code has been verified, but is clickable after that is done. 

Finally you are able to enter the Email and Invite code that were sent to you in the initial email, once you have submitted these details you will have access to the download portal. 

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