Installing Visionary Render at Home

Installation of Visionary Render

If you already have the installer for Visionary Render you can simply run this on your home PC, however if you do not have the installer the best way to get it is to contact your account manager, if you don't know who your account manager is you can instead contact from your work email and if your company currently pays for support they will be able to provide you with a download link (Medical Manufacturers have this available to them regardless of whether they pay for support or not at the moment). 

The installation process is the same as any ordinary install, simply click next on each screen, one screen will allow you install the additional component of Visionary Render for WITNESS, it's recommended you leave this unticked unless you are specifically working with WITNESS. 

After this you're able to specify an install location if you don't want it to go to the default location. Once you have installed the software you'll be able to launch it, however you'll be unable to run it without a license, which is covered below. 

Installation of Importers

From the same FTP that you obtain the Visionary Render installer you will also be able to get several importer installers, each of these importers requires their own License so even if you were to install every importer, you would not be able to utilise them without the relevant importer. It's reccomended you only install the importers that you know your company has a license for. 

Obtaining Licenses

In order to obtain a license you can speak to your Account Manager and they will arrange this for you, or alternately similarly to requestiing the Installer from Support you can contact to request licenses. After checking your license entitlement we will be able provide temporary licenses for use at home. When contacting for a license please include your name, company, which licenses you require and the MAC address for the device you will be using. 

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