How to use the Hololens with Visionary Render

1.Ensure the HoloLens is connected – by Wi-Fi – to the same network as the PC you are running Visionary Render on.

2. Open the Microsoft Store on the HoloLens and install the Holographic Remoting Player app.

3. Start the Holographic Remoting Player on the HoloLens – it will display the IP address of the HoloLens then wait for a connection to be established.

4.In Visionary Render, enable the HoloLens desktop immersion mode via the Toolbar or Settings window. Once enabled, the connection status window below will be displayed.

5. If this is your first time using HoloLens Remoting, click the Settings button on the connection status window and input your HoloLens IP as displayed by the HoloLens Remoting Player.

6. Visionary Render should now connect to the HoloLens and the HoloLens should switch to displaying your scene. The connection status window will tell you the current connection status.

7. If you need to reconnect at any time you can do so by pressing the Reconnect button on the connection status window. If a loss of connection is detected then Visionary Render will automatically try to reconnect to the HoloLens.

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