Visionary Render 2019: Why upgrade?

With Visionary Render 2019, we’re building the foundation for our enterprise immersive visualisation platform.

Upgrading to 2019 allows you to …

  • Dramatically cut lead times for design reviews, training and all of your use cases
  • Drive much greater adoption, and value for your product stakeholders
  • Realise more accurate, better quality outcomes across your business
  • Foster wider collaboration and knowledge sharing for better informed decisions

Making the simple move to Visionary Render 2019 allows you to better exploit all that immersive visualisation can offer, across your organisation. It can drive huge value as you digitally transform your business, and look towards initiatives such as digital twins.

Game-changing performance

File saving speed has increased by 30%, and file reading speed by 75%. That means you can increase the efficiency of activities, like design reviews, to lower your lead times. Stakeholder engagement can also increase because of this (and that’s always a good thing).

A more lifelike experience than ever

The enhanced visual quality of recent updates offers a more realistic environment. Suddenly, your results are more precise and trustworthy than ever before, helping you make more informed decisions.

Usability redefined

There’s far less need for scripting now. Our usability improvements raise productivity to help you reduce lead times, increase quality, and boost satisfaction levels across all stakeholders and users.

Stronger connections, better content

You can now connect more seamlessly than ever with other IT systems. You can create scenes with richer content, better supporting initiatives you may have, such as digital twin development.

Greater collaboration

Share your collective IP, foster flexible remote working, and connect to a wider audience through Visionary Render’s common visual language.

So, what capabilities have we introduced to bring you such a wealth of benefits?  Well, here are the details, comparing our most recent update with Visionary Render version 1 …

Better performance

  • Increased speed via parallel rendering, with single pass stereo, GPU multicast and OpenGL 3.3 support
  • The ability to pause scripts without stopping existing rendering operations via the use of co-routines
  • Quicker data loading and manipulation as metadata resides in a single table rather than each tree node
  • Huge performance improvements through a significantly optimised collision detection capability
  • Guidance on scene optimisation via new ‘Batches Histogram’ tool, promoting efficient product use

Improved user experience

  • More authentic shading and reflections through ambient occlusion and screen space reflections
  • Added realism with dynamic procedural sky, weather, day / night settings, and real-time particle systems
  • Enriched immersive experience with adherence to physical properties, such as walls, when exploring
  • Faster, accurate product assessment via animation of properties such as item colour or time of day
  • Improved scope for analysis use cases with the option to create items with gradient textures

Greater usability

  • Revised interface with an intuitive persistent toolbar, helping to increase user adoption
  • Expanded search capability to improve user effectiveness
  • More efficiency with tools such as a region select, item manipulation helpers, vertex snap measurement
  • Effortless scene manipulation via the ability to modify properties via interface controls, such as sliders
  • Easier navigation through the capability to orbit around a point at the end of the laser
  • Increased flexibility through support of new input devices, such as the Oculus Touch and touchscreens
  • Ability to address wider use cases with support of Microsoft Mixed Reality and Hololens
  • Quicker content creation with new mesh modification tools such as splitting and triangle welding
  • Better point cloud import interface and format support, improving speed and scanning software integration

Integration and openness

  • Improved scripting speed and power via the LuaJIT engine, for quicker integration with external systems
  • Revised, backward compatible, plug-in API with better VR Tree access, enabling richer data scenes

Enhanced collaboration

  • A new drag-and-drop ‘gallery’ concept, enabling assets to be re-used and shared locally or remotely
  • Video streaming of scenes for remote users to take part and control, increasing collaboration

The evolution of Visionary Render to version 2019 has been dramatic. It’s become an essential enabling technology for many organisations as they embark on their digital transformation journey. Why not join them and realise the vast incremental value the latest version offers. Contact us today to find out how.

Jamie is the author of this solution article.

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