Immersive navigation changes

Prior to Visionary Render 2.0, the immersive navigation controls were direct directional control of the camera using the joystick or touch pad on the controller. Pressing forward moved you forward, back moved you back, etc.

Since Visionary Render 2.0, there is a new default immersive navigation mode is "blink" and "world scale". More details about which controller buttons trigger which functionality can be found in the Visionary Render user manual, in Chapter 22.


The blink navigation allows you to point to a location where you want to move to, and then moves you there by fading to black, and then fading back in at the new position. This significantly reduces motion sickness associated with the previous method of controlling the camera for some users.

World Scale

As well as blink, it is also possible to scale the world around you - effectively shrinking or enlarging the scene and pulling it around you in order to position it according to your desired view. This also reduces motion sickness compared to the previous navigation method for some users, because it changes the frame of reference from "moving yourself around without physically moving", which can be disorienting, to "standing still and moving the scene around" which is a lot more comfortable.

Legacy Navigation

While we recommend working with and getting used to these new navigation methods, it is also possible to continue using the original "press forward to move forward" controls.

Controllers with joysticks as well as touch pads, such as those used with the Oculus Rift or Windows Mixed Reality devices are able to simply make use of the joysticks for direct camera control. The touch pads control blink, and the grips control world scale.

For controllers without additional joysticks, such as the HTC Vive, the Legacy mode needs to be enabled in the tracking settings when in HTC Vive mode. There are also settings in the Tracking category to disable the World Scale navigation if required.

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