Upgrading Custom Avatars

In Visionary Render 2019.X there is an automatic process to ensure different avatar asset bundles don’t conflict. This process may rename nodes in the asset tree at load time, which may result in strange issues with custom avatars, such as parts becoming invisible if the avatar is reloaded.

To avoid some resource conflicts between the asset models in custom user avatars, it is recommended that they be cloned in Visionary Render 2019.X and re-saved.


Load your custom avatar into Visionary Render by using the Developer context menu option


If necessary, rename the top-most assembly, as well as the one under the “dummy” assembly, so that they match and together are reasonably unique compared to any other avatars. The disabled assembly should also have the same name, suffixed with “_assets”.



Save the avatar by right clicking on the top-most assembly and selecting “Save Avatar” from the Developer context menu option.

This will save two new versions of the files, one for the avatar structure, and another for the assets.

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