ART - Flystick and Glasses

An immersive licence is needed which comes with an xml and config file to use Visionary Render with DTrack. Once this is in place the xml and config files link Visionary Render with DTrack for a standard configuration (i.e 1 projector and wall).

The config file will need to be altered by Virtalis for a custom configuration e.g multiple projectors/walls/screens/tracking and is covered as part of the installation.

Assuming that both the Fly Stick and glasses are set up correctly in DTrack if you want to use these devices in Visionary Render you will have to carry out the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have the files named art.xml and viewconfig-demoroom-ART.VRText 
  2. Change the IP address in art.xml to match the IP address of your ART controller unit
  3. Start Visionary Render
  4. Open the Settings menu (F6)
  5. Navigate to Tracking > Configuration
  6. Change Mode to Custom
  7. For the View Config select viewConfig-demoroom-ART.VRText
  8. For the Tracker XML select art.xml
  9. Edit the screen in the view config to match your screen size and set up

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