How to set up a Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Firstly ensure that the cables connected to the HMD are plugged in to the PC, this includes an HDMI and USB 3.0. Secondly, ensure that both controllers have batteries inserted in to them. 

Next, make sure that your PC has Mixed Reality Portal installed, this comes installed as standard on Windows 10 machines, however if it is missing form your PC you will need to install it by searching for it in the Microsoft Store and clicking on the Install button. The easiest way to find Mixed Reality Portal on your PC would be to press the Windows Key, once the start menu has appeared begin typing 'Mixed Reality Portal', this will cause the app to appear on the start menu if it is currently installed. 

Following this you will need to have Steam installed on your PC, this can be downloaded from the following page: During the installation process you will need to create an account, this is a brief process, however it is reccomended that you keep these login details safe should you need to enter them again. Once Steam is installed you will need to search the Steam store for Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR and install it. 

Once all programs have been installed/set up you will need to start by launching the Windows Mixed Reality Portal first, once you're able to see your start room in the headset you will then need to launch Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR, this will pick up the headset and controllers and display them as icons on a small panel in green to show they are connected and working. 

Finally you are ready to use the headset with Visionary Render, once you have launched Visionary Render go to the Toolbar and enable tracking for SteamVR. 

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