Unable to import licenses into the License Server

Sometimes, depending on how the service is configured, it may not be able to write the uploaded license in the correct place. If the service is running in its default configuration as the system user, you can add it manually to the server by copying the file to


If the Licenses folder in this location does not exist, you can create it (the parent directory should already exist - this is also where you can find logs for the license server if you need them in the future)

If the service is running as any other user, this directory should instead be present in that user's %APPDATA% directory (e.g. C:\Users\user.name\AppData\Local\Virtalis\LicenseServer)

Once done, the View Licenses page should show you the license in the Installed Licenses list, along with the number of seats and feature available. This will allow it to provide these license features to the license client on Steve's machine, which will happen automatically when he launches Visionary Render.

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